Parkcrest Waiting List

All waiting lists are currently full and closed.  APPLICATIONS ARE NOT BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.  When the waiting list process is open, applicants must present the following at the time of application:

  • Original birth certificates for all family members (copies will not be accepted)
  • Original social security card (original) for all family members
  • Government issued picture i.d. for all family members 18 years and older
  • All family members 18 years of age and older must appear to sign the application and required documents
  • You must supply income and rental history – NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER for employers and landlords are REQUIRED.

You may print a copy of the application requirements here.

Applicants are screened based on credit and rental history and criminal background. Please note that applicants are not guaranteed placement.

For help in obtaining a social security card, contact the local Social Security Administration office at 800-772-1213.  To obtain an original birth certificate, you must contact the county in which you were born.  For those born in Milwaukee County, you may obtain an original birth certificate from the Register of Deeds, 414-278-4002.